Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Datz Dough Introduces New Bistro Menu Items

Dough, the bakery/bistro adjacent to, and owned by, Datz opened in April of this year and is already widely known for their expertly brewed coffee, pastries and sweet treats.  (Hello, Trix Doughnut!)
 (photo courtesy of Dough)
Dough recently introduced a new Savory menu with some really creative dishes on it. Chef Domenica Macchia, known for her culinary career across the bridge in St. Pete, is newly at the helm.  It's clear she's taking the bistro menu in a great new direction and making it her own. Here are some of the items that Megan and I sampled when we had a girls' night out dinner there the other night.

Roasted baby beet risotto imported rice, slow-roasted beets, Parmesan cheese, roasted vegetable stock and a hint of Pernod, a liquor made with licorice (the plant, not the candy) which is the cousin of the Greek liquor, ouzo. On this night, it was actually goat cheese on top of the risotto instead of Parmesan, a switch I was content about, as I can never get enough goat!
The Passport Salad featured endives, olives, figs, goat cheese,  crispy chickpeas and a "100-year old celery dressing" recipe. I really enjoyed this salad - the warm chickpeas, sweet fig and salty olives made each bite interesting to eat.
Duck fat fries were served with garlic aioli for dipping. These were earthy and very filling, and likely a great bite to pair with a nice red wine off of their extensive wine list.

Photo credit: www.IRunforWine.Net.
Next up was "Fields of Salmon," a pan-seared piece of salmon with lavender-honey sauce, served on top of wilted spinach that had a citrus kick.

While the menu has been augmented, fear not -- Dough hasn't abandoned what it has become renowned for: decadent macarons, specialty chocolates, housemade tarts, mousses, cakes and more.
Chef Domenica prepared small bites of a housemade candy which included layers of dark chocolate, marshmallow, Buffalo Trace bourbon and Nueske's bacon.

After a taste of the candy, I wrapped up the night with a small cup of their (yes, housemade) pistachio gelato which is, in my humble opinion, to die for.
It was a great night trying some innovative new dishes, which we learned in chatting with Chef Domenica, that were inspired by her time spent in London and traveling through France and other parts of Europe. I love the bistro decor at Dough -- check out this gorgeous chandelier! They have a full coffee bar offering unique brews like Nutella and bacon lattes -- plus, an adorably quaint private dining room perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, etc.Dough also serves a variety of sweet and savory breakfasts.

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  1. You pretty much had me at duck fat fries. I've been dying to visit Dough!

  2. It's an adorable little spot and the food was great, give it a try!

  3. As much as a Datz fanatic that I am, I have yet to visit Dough. Shame on me...

    1. I want to make a trip back again, solely for their coffee/pastries!