Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Michael-David Winery: Freakshow

Michael-David Winery is known for producing stand-out wines, with packaging to match. 

For a long time, I have always loved their Petite Petit.  I realized that the past year, I had written about my love for the elephant-emblazoned bottle quite a few times, so I felt it was time to branch out to a different vine and try the other wines from this Lodi, Ca. winery. 

Enter Freakshow! This is a blend, a cabernet sauvignon with some petit sirah blended in, and it's aged around 20 months in French oak. This was my first time trying Freakshow and all I can say is "wow."
It has aromas of dark cherries and spices with hints of currants, blackberry, oak and vanilla and is ABV 14.5%

Don't you love the quirky, circus-themed bottle?  The Freakshow label showcases some of the famous sideshow performers.  This wine definitely stands apart from the crowd. I am glad I finally branched out from my beloved Petite Petit, because thsi was a great new wine to try. 

I served it with this dish: Seared scallops on basil-tangerine fettucini that I got from Pappardelle's booth at the farmer's market, with homemade basil and parsley pesto. I thought it paired well with the dish because there is a lot of deep flavor to the wine, but it didn't overpower the the scallops here.

You can follow Michael David Winery on Twitter at @MDWinery.

Have you tried Freakshow yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I love that wine! I was with you the first time I tried it. So delish!

    1. Petite Petit? At Seasons 52, right? Now you have to try "Freakshow!"