Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grille 54 Rolls Out New Sushi Menu

Grille 54 is a favorite Tampa restaurant of mine. Their 5-6-7 Happy Hour is one of the best deals around, and their Sunday brunch (with unlimited mimosas and Bloody Marys!) is one of the best in the Bay area. They are the single Citrus Park/Westchase restaurant that changes their menu on a very regular basis.   At least once a quarter they are introducing fresh new items, and retiring those that may have run their course.

Yesterday they launched several new menu items and manager Danny Rowan invited us to try some of the new sushi offerings. Midweek sushi and cocktails? Twist my arm!  So Megan and I did our journalistic duty and sampled a few brand new dishes to share them with you.
First up was our appetizer, the Sushi Ceviche. It had tuna, salmon, whitefish, yellowtail and avocado tossed in a cilantro lime marinade, served with a side of homemade wonton chips. Basically all of my favorite ingredients in a glorious concoction - what a way to start the meal! I loved it. It was sweet, spicy and delicious. I liked the finely chopped jalapeno and the crunchy roe on the top.

Our sushi came out in a boat, illuminated with tiny little lanterns.  Friends, no matter where you go to get sushi, you always want to order enough rolls to get the boat. If others around you have a boat, and you don't, you'll suffer sushi boat envy. True story.  It's happened to me. Order at least 3 rolls and just bask in the excitement and sheer happiness when your dinner sails over to you. 

On the far left is the Mt. Fuji, their new take on a Volcano Roll. It was full of fresh fish and the topping was Napa cabbage, tomatoes and finely diced red onions. Very different and really good - I would definitely order this again!

To the right of that, with the tempura chips on top is the Deadliest Catch: Cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, tempura onion, chopped shrimp and krab, topped with snow crab, tempura chips, wasabi aioli and sriracha.

It's pretty dark in there, therefore making it a bit hard to take photos that will do these beautiful rolls justice, but the presentation was top notch.  Our server, Amber, was excellent in every way, and she knows her stuff. She asked if we liked spicy food (Megan doesn't but I love it) so she handmade me a little dish of spicy ponzu, that was the perfect dipping condiment for my sushi.

We also had the Fish Outta Water roll: Lobster claw meat, snow crab, avocado, asparagus, scallion and jalapeno. Toppped with seared beef tenderloin and tuna, jalapeƱo smelt roe, wasabi aioli and sriracha.

The Straw-nana Roll. Tempura plantains with cream cheese, wrapped in soy paper. Don't even think about dipping in soy or sriracha, this is a dessert sushi roll, topped with fresh strawberries and coconut lime sauce. Yum!
but there's always room for a dessert martini. This was the Espresso Martini (with a dash of Baileys to make it decadent and creamy.)

I like that the bar area is always buzzing with activity at Grille 54. The bartenders (especially my buddy Jim!) really know how to make a great cocktail, and there are plenty of drink specials to be had. Check them our at the new web site.

And, don't forget about their Happy Hour!

Thank you Grille 54 for an amazing sushi night. I'll be back very soon! I encourage anyone in the Tampa area to give this place a try. It's great for groups, date night, and girls' nights out. 
Check them out on Facebook here. 

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  1. Oooh - the dessert sushi sounds really awesome!