Thursday, January 3, 2013

Buddy Brew Coffee

I love local coffee shops, and Buddy Brew Coffee is a favorite of mine. My friend gave me this bag as a Christmas gift and I am loving brewing my Buddy Brew at home.

Check out all the different types of beans you can buy there. You can find Buddy Brew at several spots around Tampa. I had this latte (love the foam art!) at their outpost at Oxford Exchange. You can also order it at The Refinery, one of my favorite restaurants, located in the Seminole Heights area.

If you live in Tampa or are visiting our fair city, try to check this place out.  I've been drinking a freshly brewed cup every morning this week and it not only has it given me an excuse to use the word "aromatic" in my daily vernacular, but it also provides a caffeine boost that lasts well into the afternoon. Woohoo!

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  1. Best. Coffee. Ever.

    So nice to have an awesome place locally making some of the best beans you'll ever taste. And feel free to pick the brains of the staff...they REALLY know their stuff. That Xmas present you got? That's what I was giving people.

    Just wish they were open later!

  2. Agree! You are also a fan of FelicitousI remember -- sounds like we both hunt for all the best local beans!

  3. Buddy Brew is by far the best coffee anywhere in the area and the baristas are top-notch. The atmosphere is welcoming and the employees are super nice. I always find an excuse to travel there at least once a week.