Saturday, December 8, 2012

Purple Cauliflower

Yes, this is an actual thing.

I got some purple cauliflower at the Farmers' Market that comes to Westchase every 2nd Saturday of the month.  I also heard you can get it at Sanwa Farmers' Market. I still need to make a trip to that place!

It just happened to match my nail color, I didn't plan it this way.

It roasts just like "regular" cauliflower, about 30 mins on 350 degrees with some olive oil, salt and pepper. It turns a darker color of purple, making it not so much fun as the bright shade it has in the raw.  I found the taste more bitter than white cauliflower but I enjoyed this novelty item and I would proably buy it again.  I just had to blog this because it is weird, which makes me like it.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I told you that I used this for a true blood party last season right? I also died my mashed potatoes about weird. Sanwa has it in purple, green and yellow/orange.