Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Return to Oxford Exchange

I returned to Oxford Exchange today. Love this place. But... who doesn't?

For an appetizer we had the Crispy Spicy Chickpeas. These.Are.Awesome. Not sure how they make these, but they are addictive little treats. I saw other diners tossing them on top of their salads, which is a stroke of genius.

But I opted not for a salad. I got the Grilled Cheese (added pear and ham this time.)  I love the gaspacho side and the sweet potato rounds were even better than I remember this time. Yum.

Have you been to Oxford Exchange? Do you have a go-to dish there?


  1. Seriously...you're solidifying yet again that I need to head there for lunch SOON! Those chickpeas sound awesome.

  2. You've gotta go -- we went with my work group so we got to try a bunch of things. Definitely try and sit in the atrium, I haven't gotten to yet because the place is always so busy!!