Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tasting of the Skinny Vine: Low Calorie Wine

I was thrilled to be invited to take part in Thirsty Girl's virtual tasting of the new wines from The Skinny Vine. I will be tweeting tomorrow, Nov. 14 starting at 8 p.m. as I taste the three of these Skinny Vine wines.

These wines are all 25-35% lower calorie than traditional wine. From what I have heard, even seasoned wine drinkers cannot distinguish the difference in taste between these and "regular" wines and in many cases, prefer this health-concious option. As we head into the holidays when we know the food and wine will be flowing, I think this is a great quality!

It felt like Christmas came early when I opened this box of wine sent to me from The Skinny Vine and I can't wait to share my tasting thoughts with you tomorrow. Here are the three wines we'll be talking about:

Mini Moscato: 95 calories per 5oz. serving. Flavors of stone fruit, Fuji apple, pear, peach and honeysuckle.

Slim Chardonnay: 86 calories per 5 oz. serving. Ripe apricot, vanilla, oak and spice. I don't want to judge a book by it's cover but I think this will be my favorite!

Thin Zin: 89 calories per 5 oz serving. A blend of berries, honeydew and crisp citrus.

In full disclosure, I was provided with this wine in order to participate in this event. To chat with us during the Thirsty Girl virtual tasting, follow #TGTaste and @skinnyvine and (of course!) me at @lctampa.

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