Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skinny Vine: Tasting Recap

Yesterday I hosted a tasting of Skinny Vine wines, a "soon-to-debut" line of wines that you will be seeing soon in stores. It was my first Thirsty Girl virtual tasting and I had a lot of fun talking with the other wine fans on Twitter last night.

Health conscious people will like Skinny Vine wine for these reasons:
  • They have 25-35% less calories than traditional wine.
  • There are less than 95 calories per serving.
  • Price point is around $11 per bottle.
The holidays are upon us and the pressure is on to maintain eating and drinking right (while still living a little!) and these wines fit the bill.

I was sent three bottles of Skinny Vine for the virtual tasting: Slim Chardonnay, Thin Zin and Mini Moscato.  Knowing it's always more fun to taste with a group, I called in the troops. 

I'm very lucky to have a great group of girl friends in my neighborhood. All of them are fun, fit and generally fabulous, so I called upon their palates to help me taste the three low-cal wines. Here's a look at the Skinny Vine wines they liked the best, their favorite (healthy) holiday dishes and how they plan to stay fit through the seasons festivities.


Her Favorite Skinny Vine:  Slim Chardonnay. "It has a crisp, clean taste and was similar to a Pinot Grigio. I loved it!"
Favorite Healthy Holiday Dish:  My mom's green beans.
How she stays fit during the holidays:   Amanda works out at Art of Strength Tampa and is getting into running. Her next race is The Color Run.



Her Favorite Skinny Vine:   Mini Moscato, "because it was fruity and light."
Favorite Healthy Holiday Dish:   Sweet potatoes
How she stays fit during the holidays:   As you can tell by her 13.1 wine koozie, or "woozie"  -- Francesca is a runner!   She also plays volleyball and does hot yoga regularly.


Her Favorite Skinny Vine:   Slim Chardonnay. "85 calories per serving? Pour me another!"
Favorite Healthy Holiday Dish:   I make a healthy veggie roll-up that's great to enjoy with wines as an appetizer before the holiday meal.
How she stays fit during the holidays:  Running outside with her chocolate lab, Summer and hot yoga.


Her Favorite Skinny Vine:  Mini Moscato. "This wine is a crowd pleaser."
Favorite Healthy Holiday Dish:  Pumpkin trifle. "I make a healthier version of this dessert with canned pumpkin, and low-fat Cool Whip."
How she stays fit during the holidays:   Dawn just ran the Savannah Rock N' Roll half-marathon last week!   She also practices yoga and also works out at Art of Strength Tampa.

The girls enjoyed all three wines, but the top two favorites were Mini Moscato and Slim Chardonnay. All have active lifestyles and were happy to discover this low-calorie option. We had a great time taking part in the Thirsty Girl virtual tasting!  

Follow the vineyard at @skinnyvine on Twitter and find out when you'll see these wines in stores in your neighborhood. #TGTaste


  1. Love this! I really want to try some of these wines out -sounds right up my alley!

    1. Thanks for reading! If you try them, let me know what you think!