Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Visit to the Savannah Bee Company

On a recent trip to Savannah for the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon, I got to check out the Savannah Bee CompanySavannah Bee offers organic specialty  honey products and natural, organic body care products made with honey and beeswax.  I really thought this shop was cool and I loved the focus on locally-grown honeys used to make their product line.

But my first encounter with their products was right when we arrived in the city after the six-hour drive from Tampa, hungry and ready for a glass of wine.  The Andaz Hotel Savannah on Barnard St. is known for the amazing cheese platters in their lobby bar, so that was our first stop. The platter was served with the best honey we had ever tasted. It was sweet, of course, but had a rich flavor -- and the best part was these little crystallized, crunchy bits that made it pair so well with the cheeses.

Can you see the honey? It's tucked behind the grapes in the top right corner.  Also pictured is VSOP, an aged Dutch Gouda cheese, a local goat cheese, and Spanish Serrano Ham and homemade crostinis.

We had to ask what type of honey it was, and our server filled us in that it was Savannah Bee raw honeycomb.  Apparently the healthiest and most raw form of honey available.  This is how it looks in a full block, below. 

Such a cool way to serve honey with cheeses at a party -- and if you want to enjoy it all to yourself, here's the coolest part. It NEVER goes bad or rots. Honey in this form will keep, basically, forever.

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So the next day I headed into the store on Broughton St in historic Savannah.

During a honey tasting, we sampled several different types of honeys, learned where they were from and how they were made, their flavor profiles and types of sugars and recommended food pairings.

You can make a "sampler package" with 3 small jars of honey for $18. I got Acacia Honey, Tupelo Honey  and Wildflower Honey.  I learned that Tupelo Honey is the gold standard by which all other honeys are measured (also the name of a great song by Dave Matthews Band, BTW.)

Many soaps, lip glosses and body products made from honey.  They all smelled amazing.  Um....Who knew there were so many different types of honey?!

All of us in our group of girls came away with a few stocking stuffers and gifts. 

This is an example of a local company, doing things in a sustainable, locally-focused way, that has just happened to become huge. I am loving the acacia honey in my tea as a way to warm up after outdoor walks and runs, now that the weather at night is finally starting to cool down.

If you find yourself in Savannah, you have got to make a stop at this store. The next best thing though, is that you can order any of their product on their web site.

I am pretty sure I have seen their Cheese Honey in the deli section in Publix in Tampa. Have you ever tried Savannah Bee products? Which are your favorites?

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  1. Oh wow, I adore this concept. I love honey! I will keep an eye out for this product at Publix.